Mother Teresa once said: “The biggest poverty is loneliness”, it is the poverty that leads to the greatest suffering for it affects the human heart. In IRUDAYA NIKETAN, we therefore believe that the poor person’s deepest longing is the desire for a compassionate presence by his side. In short, Irudaya Niketan is a deeply human organization for it wants to fill the inner most depths of the human heart: The need for human warmth.

We sometimes find it difficult to evaluate our impact with charts and financial statements since we are not focused in the efficiency of our deeds but rather in the effect of our presence towards a human heart which cannot always be quantified. We may however measure our action when we feel the joy of all those who benefit from their stay at the “Home” and observe their inner growth as they become more open towards others.

IRUDAYA NIKETAN, is a charitable whose objective is to offer a home away from home to those suffering from extreme poverty, destitution, discrimination and exclusion.

Our vision embodies the belief that development of the human person is not solely catering to the basic material needs (such as food and shelter) but also offering a complete accompaniment that can satisfy other essential needs such as the need to be listened to. We try to meet their emotional needs such as the need for compassion, friendship and not forgetting education and community life. We take particular care not to foster any feeling of exclusion. In short we at Irudaya Niketan have a vision to enhance happiness of everyone who comes into contact with us.