We met Delip a young disabled man in 1999. He used to live in a small room along with his parents and two brothers. This young man was affected by complete paralysis and consequently never left this room for twenty years because of his infirmity. We started visiting him frequently and since then, a very warm relationship of friendship and has begun. In March 2005, Delip’s family asked us if we could find a “caring” place for him that could offer him an appropriate support and constant presence. We proposed to welcome Delip in our “Home” and since then, he has been taken care of by a team that daily accompanies him, making his parents feel very grateful and the visible joy can be seen on Delip’s face.


Arunachala is a 12 years old child whom we knew for a couple of years belongs to the nomadic gypsy community, one of the lowest social classes. They live in a deserted field, taking shelter in tents made of pieces of plastics joined together. We often saw some of the gypsy mothers begging in the streets with their children in their arms. It is on one such occasion that we came to know Arunachala better as he often came to spend some time in the “Home” to receive some care and attention. We noticed that he lived too much on the streets and had started to use drugs, and tasted a type of freedom that prevented the desire to follow a proper educational programme. As we became closer to the Gypsy community, we got the opportunity to meet Subramanian, Arunachala’s father and the clan leader. After some time, the father agreed to our suggestion that Arunachala stay in our “Home” and pursue regular formal education.


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