The "Home" is not meant to be isolated from the outside world and hence, we frequently visit deprived communities living in difficult conditions and as we get acquainted with their lives and difficulties, they are offered opportunities to spend some time at the "Home" where they are exposed to its lifestyle and environment.

The isolated Gypsy community in Tirukalikundram: About 8 km from the “Home” there is a community, completely excluded from society and any kind of educational system. They have been appreciating our visits for the past 8 years and have been very receptive to our friendship. Some of our volunteers, during their visits, conduct Non Formal Education and also help some children to read and write. Today, three children have been reintegrated to school and are to be taken by an association where they will be taught additional professional skills.

Leprosy Hospital: As part of our humanitarian objective, for the past five years, we have visited leprosy patients in a nearby hospital. The frequency of these visits fostered some close relationships which enabled them to recover their dignity and feel less excluded from society. They also know that they are welcome to the “Home” if the hospital allows them to go outside for a period of time.

Poor Communities: Our volunteers pay regular visits to the neighbouring villages and communities where there are many sick and lonely people who suffer due to lack of attention. It is always a joy to share a few happy moments with these people. Our “Home” has also been a place where children from these villages come to share some leisure time with us on weekends or holidays.