About us

IRUDAYA NIKETAN was founded in 1994 in Bangalore in order to give service to all sections of society who are economically, socially, culturally deprived, including (especially) children who are abandoned, youth looking for direction in life and all people without distinction of caste, colour, creed, language or sex, who are in need of compassion and human services irrespective of their age.

To address the issue of human solitude due to exclusion, IRUDAYA NIKETAN developed the "Home" through the creation of a reception center surrounded by greenery with a mango grove not far from Chengalpattu, where the beneficiaries have made this into a "HOME AWAY FROM HOME". Here they learn to live with other inmates, develop new friendships, feel listened to and welcomed in a place they can truly call home.

In our "Home", we do not wish the beneficiaries to consider themselves as people in need of assistance or are a burden to society, instead we help them discover their abilities to help themselves and also become useful by helping others. Thus, the beneficiaries slowly manage to gain self confidence, become self sufficient and less dependent on others which will later on help them successfully integrate into the society.

We use everyday activities which offer the best educational methods through structured and simple living with duties such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, farm work or artesian work which fosters a healthy and wholesome human growth. Engaging themselves in daily activities helps them develop interpersonal relationships and fights loneliness and isolation. Focusing on each one’s ability beneficiaries discover a new value of (in)life based on the placed in them. This leads them to rediscover a totally renewed life of true acceptance.

This approach requires a thorough human accompaniment tailored to each one’s specific situation which makes the beneficiaries feel that they are not a “ project” in which humanitarian work can be implemented but instead they are welcomed and accepted for who they are and what they are.

Today, the “Home” welcomes HIV infected people, disabled people and destitute children and offers services to each group according to their needs. The children receive special care and attention. Our volunteers are always eager to contribute to their education by assisting them in their daily homework and making sure that they successfully assimilate the various subjects learned at school. Leisure time is of course not forgotten; and for this purpose a playground has been built so that the children can enjoy different games such as basketball, football and volleyball.